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By posting your sport with Gé, you ensure exceptional visibility, on a dedicated website specifically attracting surfers looking for a sport to practice. No other web site also offers a direct link with your potential customers.

In addition, we offer much more than increased visibility. Our packages include many tools to facilitate the display of your sporting activity, track statistics, as well as a module for the sale of your goods and services. Your clients will also have the opportunity to provide feedback by posting comments to help future clients to make their choice.

To further increase your visibility, contact a member of our team which may suggest different possibilities, such as a report (written or video), the broadcasting of an exclusive promotion for members Gé on our website, social networking and / or newsletter.


1. Create an account on


Creating an account with is easy, safe and fast!

Whether with the function or create a standard connection with social function account through your preferred network.

Once your account is created, you simply follow the instructions for recording your first list and be part of the community

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2. Submit your activity


Once your account is created, you simply create a listing for the activity or event you have to offer by following the simple instructions.

Later, you have to choose between viewing plans available as needed.

Finally, be prepared (e) to meet with new customers! (image as set in the operating section)

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Customer Section

Whether to discover its new sports or to find an event in your area or for your next move outdoors Gé is the best place to find it!

Different modes of search or discovery available to you:

Mode 1: I know what I want ...

You already know exactly what activity you want to practice, do a keyword search.

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Your results will be displayed on a map and you can see the cards of different advertisers.


Mode 2: I discover new activities ...

Whatever your age, it is possible that you have not discovered "your activity" that best meets your needs.

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Then perform a more general search in all activities, and, adding the selection criteria according to your tastes (filters).

So you can consult the files of the different sports and find one that will meet your expectations.


Mode 3: See our video columns and articles

Capture plein écran 2015-07-08 195433.bmp To help you discover the activities, technical information or places to practice, etc., our columnists offer topos on various topics that will give you a taste, hopefully, discover new passions.





Mode 4: Get offers advertisers

You would like to benefit from exclusive privileges to the members of the community Gé, simply register on our site to get these offers from our displays.


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