GeoActif.com is a website dedicated to finding the most complete of its kind of sport. The idea was born as a result of two interrelated facts:


First, the person wishing to find a sports activity, a sports event or a place to practice their sport in terms of its location had no specific website to perform such research.

On the other hand, when a person or company offering a service, activity or product in the sports arena, she had to invest in an advertising campaign in the local media (newspapers, radio stations, etc.) and hoped that Web users find their offer, which required the use of right keywords.

In short, such a situation may involve a significant financial investment to make themselves known. Moreover, there was no guarantee that the message reached the people likely to be interested in the offer.




Once these two observations made, the team Géoactif.com began to work to design a user-friendly web platform and modern offering a host of features to meet the needs of such persons or companies.

Early in the project, it was imperative that GéoActif.com offers more than just navigation by category to find his sport.

The team focused on the launch of chronic and reports to publicize different activities or products to its users.

In addition, we developed a questionnaire that allows users to find the perfect sporting activity according to their search criteria, allowing beautiful sometimes unexpected discoveries.

Bernard Pelletier, fondateur de Geoactif.com
Bernard Pelletier fondateur GeoActif.com

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